Baby, I have a secret

Every time I see you

I whisper, ‘I love you’

Unspoken words kept

Only told within my heart

For I am always so scared


Every time our eyes meet

I feast in a gala unattended

Will I invite you my baby?

A pleasure beyond the walls

Come on baby, be mine!!!

Don’t hesitate and tremble

Over the fence, let’s rejoice

Forget those other names

Please, don’t erase mine!

Move closer and let’s dance


I am sorry, my sweet babe

Wondering about the note?

I am sorry because I can’t stop

Loving you each day and night

In my dreams, you’re my knight!


Baby, I have a secret to tell

I want you and need you more

I love you my all and the most!

The purest and true only hidden

Baby, be with me and be mine!!!


Baby,  I have a secret inside

The fire within keep burning

Touch me and I will be yours

Baby, I can’t say the words

Please baby, speak and let it be!

(You always look great and let it be me!!!)



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