Only in our Wildest Dreams

Till we meet again only in our wildest dreams…

wildrest dream1

I guess, once is good enough for me. Despite of our denials and lies, we both know that those memories happened; and what were not spoken are ours to keep. We did pretend because we had the option to hide. We chose to leave and left the past behind but it doesn’t mean that we were not present in yesterday’s scenes. We were old enough to know… Things happened because they ought to happen, those were the words you uttered.  We should not be there when it was not right even from the beginning.  Perhaps, nothing lasts forever but that once is all I had and it’s good enough for me to cherish forevermore.

wildest dream 2

There were times we pretended that whatever was there meant nothing.  Nonetheless, no matter how far we ran off from our wrongdoings, it is already etched in our being and part of who we are.  The past is maybe in the past, we select what to remember but somehow we will never forget us only in our wildest dreams.

x0x0, you know i love more and the most (i miss saying that…)

wildest dream 3

I don’t and won’t care anymore.  You were right that I live in my pathetic world.  Here, I am back to being alone and lonesome again in that same world where you found me.  I won’t be going out anymore even if I attempted to do so.  Moreover, you are and I am there in our wildest dreams.

by Taylor Swift “Wildest Dreams”


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