Monday They’ll Feast as the Maiden will Mourn

The defeating laughter and so the adventures will be told.  The details of upcoming gala and the dance of the prince will be told in details.  They’ll feast for he is floating on cloud nine and his dreams come true for he found the girl of his dreams.  

And there she’ll be at that messy corner, trying to cover her ear while pretending not to be there that she doesn’t exist at all.  See, all bad omen in dreams only remain in her head because what will really happen in reality is the opposite of what was perceived.  Of course, they’ll presume she doesn’t know because she can’t speak what they can.  You don’t have to comprehend what comes out from the mouth to understand and she is not as dumb as presumed even if she is a total loser in the game.  She’ll walk out of that door to find a place to be concealed with endless tears.  Her heart will die at that very moment she’ll hope she never come at all.  Will she detest being there where her presence is expected and her skills needed?  There was one time, she was missing in action and a lot were very concerned except for him.  He never cared or bothered, he never did and he’ll never will.  All the things she heartily did, never mattered at all.  Isn’t it upsetting for she’s certain to give it another try and willing to give him all but he only desires someone else?  It’s true what she puts up isn’t that much but she tries even she gives her everything to her beloved ones.  

The feast on Monday will be filled with laughter.  Everyone will be there.  She is not the one who’ll live with regrets instead she’ll try her best to go on meaningfully. She’ll mourn tomorrow.  Their nonstop merriment will break heart into pieces but she’ll be who she is living under the roof of fear.  Nonetheless, she is grateful the gift of sight is gone for what she sees isn’t pleasant.  She keeps convincing herself that there’s no truth with it because she cared for him deeply that she only wishes his happiness even he chooses someone else.  

She isn’t unlucky, he only refuses to see with his heart.  He only to be in a place where his friends are ignoring what really matter the most. She is not the one unfortunate for she remains to be true and choose to live with she is even rejected a thousand times.  Several times when she reaches out even no one is there and even there are no responses.   She forgives quickly, no grudges.  Yet, isn’t it sad no to be there and touch the one your heart truly love?


No make-up day…

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