Goodbye, Dear Friend

  It was a disbelief

Holding back my tears

My deepest concern

How about the girls?

I know, I’ve been there
Indeed, life is short

Live to the fullest

While we still can

Cherished the ones

When you’ve got time
Laugh the loudest

Just keep on loving 

Though aches  are painful

It’s a miracle you’re here

Go on with God’s blessings
Others are taken quickly

Unpredictable, unexpected 

My friend, you didn’t

So, I won’t see you again

Parting ways, off you go
Goodbye, dear friend

It’s heartbreaking this way

Thank you for listening

Words of encouragement

And all shared memories
Your kindness won’t die

Lighting a candle for you

You are in my prayers

Rest peacefully, my friend

Embrace God in heaven

Rest in peace, my dear friend, Amy!  She was the only friend who ever commented in my post.  She was very caring, nurturing and thoughtful.  It was not over a month since we exchanged messages via Viber.  She even invited me to come over and see the beauty of Davao.  As what my sister said, my family knew her and we deeply cared because she used to be part of us.  We used to be flat mates and she even borrowed money for my advance and deposit.  I didn’t ask but she did even she barely knew me then.  Thanks for everything.  Hope that I can return you the favor. The girls will have difficult time and my prayers to them as well.  My condolence to your family!!!

by Elton John “Candle in the Wind”



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