Dream Warnings

Perhaps,that’s make me more sad because I can’t openly utter it to save the person. Yet, hell with it, dreams are just dreams. My gift of seeing already perished because I stopped believing. Thus, nothing is real about it. Hey, the person is absolutely happy. No need to disturb him. If I’ll do what is right for sure I will be taken like some obsessed obese girl. Three occurrences, it might be… but those were the events in my head. It’s like something bad will fall to the person… as if that person will be used and everything including that person’s dignity and pride will be taken too… Come on, people are happy and no need to be bitter!

Foolish dreams! I am not like one of my saint idols and the bible characters I admired. I don’t have a gift to see anymore. That person is perfectly happy. Who am I to spoil that happiness? I don’t have rights to save anyone if they are floating in cloud 9. Whatever to make that person happy and let him be even your intuition sense something not right!!! Maybe those stupid recurring dreams added to my burden. The world is at the person’s feet and all friends don’t see what I see and they just rejoice… So, the ill-fate is only in my head and product of my imagination that goes into my sleep… Nothing is real!!! Why give a damn when that person don’t care about me anyway?

Dreams are opposite in reality. The person will have unlimited happy meal and the smile will be ear to ear… all friends will cheer and they’ll have a feast… No bad thing will happen.

what dreams may come

what dreams may come2


“I Have a Dream” ost Mama Mia the Movie


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