Belonging Only to that Zone

“Baby”, he was addressing to someone else
He walked out in the room and whispered
The long distance hitch and travel long
Within the border, I am stuck in my seat
Figuring out how to proceed that silly game
The conversation lasted for over an hour
Blast the music, let me hear no more
What should I do when I’m in this position?
Going nowhere just belonging only to that zone
Will the angels and saints heed my prayers?
Is God there or He’s feed up with all my pleas?
Nothing I say or do really matters at all—
Belonging only to the zone with a fool’s aches
love in silence quotes

It’s alright I’m still doing something alright for the kids in the church, sharing my drawing to them… I hope the kids and my friends like it. I almost forgot due to my stupid obsession of that silly game…. Foolish me!!! Why try so hard??? Sharing my skills to others… and always be there for my family… As always!!!!

by Green Day “The Forgotten”

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