Who will spill the beans?
No one. Nobody will know
The words sealed within
In silence, my mouth closed
Unspoken and hidden here
What am I keeping inside?

I wanted to. I really do
Too bad for me, good for you
On the pathway, blurred lines
Perhaps, giving up is the key
Concealed with a shy smile
Quiet and still in the dark

‘Hey, I am here as always!’
How can you hear my voice
When you’re with another?
The chattering and laughing
She’s the one, the special girl
She can really make you happy
Your day’s complete as it is
For her words are magical
Must be upset, your phone at home 
It’s alright, just login to Facebook
Hope you know I suppressed 
My true emotions I locked
Speechless and not talking

In my ways, ‘I can love you more’

it's so hard to pretend

‘Take a Chance on Me’ Mamma Mia movie OST


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