I Don’t Stop

how much i love you

It does hurt and always will knowing what I already know

It’s really breaking me but I must be who I am

I don’t want the raindrops on a bright sunny day

I must fix my shattered heart even I must pretend

I’ll wear the clown’s mask until I’ll merge with it

If there are eyes who can’t see me for this time

I’ll just remember the ones in my past who were there

It was then, when they were there but I couldn’t stay

This time, I am willing but I am merely non-existent

Not letting my loneliness and sadness eat my soul

I’ll try to embrace happiness for I owe it to myself

Don't give up on u

I don’t stop loving you but it’s what you want

I don’t stop needing you but it’s what you desire

I don’t stop of being here but you don’t expect me to

I don’t stop caring but you keep looking on someone else

Perhaps, I don’t stop but I respect the one I love

Slowly the pain will disappear and I’ll laugh the loudest

No more broken smiles and all the aches fly away


by Sade “Please Send Me Someone to Love”

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