The Chicken Who Never Crossed the Road


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Sunshine in January, she stood parallel to him
He caught her eyes and her core jumped joyfully
The radiance of each other’s smiles in a bright day

Across the road, she waited for him to come over
She waved her hand, exerting efforts and signs
Did he ever get that he meant everything to her?

He stood still frozen and cold, not making a move
He chose to ignore and not to care at all
He wanted the one afar who is the best and perfect

She was about to cross the road and be there for him
She was willing to chase him all the way to the moon
But he was no longer there and walked away so fast

She whispered, “I love you” and her heart all broken
Was it all her fault or was she never good enough for him ?
Was he man enough to love what is real and true?

He should have crossed the road for she needed him
She was willing to do everything for him with no regrets
But he used his head so much that’s made him a chicken

We are born as human beings. Then, why act like chicken?Chicken crossing the road

***this idea was composed by my student during our club time awhile ago. I told him what were the other meanings or used of the word ‘chicken’… If challenges are easy, you say ‘chicken!’ and if someone is being a coward, you can playfully call him ‘chicken!’

by Whitney Houston “I Will Always Love You”


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