Sweetest Smile

He must be rejoicing along with her

Both their hearts floating up high

How I wish, I am there at his side

Feeling the warmth of his gentle touch

His kisses overflowing and bountiful

Surely, I will blush with his stares

How delighted they must be together

A dance uninterrupted, the music in their hearts

How I wish I am the one in the picture

Clasping his hand and never let go

I will make him proud and also laugh

I will hug him everyday and bring him meals

I will believe in him and support his goals

Then, he keeps in smiling but not to me

My voice isn’t the melody his heart sings 

Every time he’s ill, I wish to take care of him

He’s smiling again because of her presence

So, I close my eyes remembering the memory

His sweetest smile, he shares only in my dreams 

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