Remind Me to Smile

Off from bed… Where am I heading?  Did I skip being with those little angels at the church yesterday?  Will I decide to disappoint more people?  This out of character.  Who is this woman I behold in my reflection? I am alright.  All I have to do is same as usual, fix my hair, wear nice clothes and accessorize… It always work all the time… Isn’t it now?  Nothing wrong with being where I am at this point or with the solo flight.  This is just the moment in my life when I announced, “go! go!” No doubt that I am all set for a duo adventures.  And so I knock at someone’s door, no one opened.  I asked, “Anyone home?”

“Get lost! You’re bothering me!” An irritated voice responded.

“Sorry, I only wanted to be a friend,” I whispered with my tears.  Is there something wrong with that?  I dashed as fast as I could departing from him carrying with me my heartache.  I wept to sleep and in the morning I couldn’t smile at all.


By Beegees ‘How Can You Mend a Broken Heart’



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