Tears from the sky

I browsed your name at the contact list in my phone.  I pressed to call but I cancelled and it didn’t go through.  Stop!  Can I get it?  If people didn’t reply, that meant ‘they don’t want you to bother them and just get lost!’  

I want to talk because I am missing you and want you to know ‘hey, I exist!’  I leveled up and got new units.  I played so hard even I am poor with analysis.  I had new seven stars!!! No one cares!!! No one bothers!!!  I can talk endlessly and laugh and laugh.  I remember that I am described as the fun girl.  How come I turned out to be so boring and quiet?

I humbled down and humiliated myself.  I am aware that I am going to be the subject of the private jokes.  Some sort of cheap girl that the boys I used to know made fun.  I appreciated and respected, and people know I am not that sort.  

I cancelled the call.  I don’t want to take the courage just to be slammed with the door.  It’s raining outside as if the heavens weeping with me. The tears from the sky sympathetic for how awful I am feeling right now.  

I wanted to be seen… I wanted to be there… I don’t want to stay in my room for I wish to be at your side all the time.  Then, shower with your kisses underneath your sweet embrace…

I don’t know what sort of new units I have… Don’t want to ask anymore… Don’t want to bother at all… People’s rudeness has painful impact in every cell of me body…

I wish I am seen… I wish I exist!!! I wish to hear from you… I hope when you see me, you’ll know how truthful is my heart and how beautiful I am as a person.


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