R.I.P. to Prince Charming


What I’ve been through is more than what Cinderella could handle
“As countless as the stars at nights, always know that you are loved”
Who am I kidding? There a no stars only citylights and skyscapers

I attended the ball, so excited that I came earlier before everyone else
I should be the latecomer, the grand entrance, his eyes would be on me
I tripped and he said, ‘Careless fool!  Why run around in stilettos?”

It didn’t matter if I made my dress, no fairy godmother helped me
Waiting for so long to waltz with him but he was off to bed with her
Still patiently stood there but he had a private tango in his room

‘I’m same as others! I can do a lot aside from kneeling and praying!”
The drawings of him will never come to exist to kiss me everyday
My prince, why can’t you see the truthfulness in my heart and soul

I should have talk to the mice and sing to the birds for him to find me
My messages on the air.  Wake up! There’s no magic and fairy tale
I saw him dying in front of my eyes for I slaughtered him in my head

Rest in peace, my beloved one and my prince dearest to my heart
Farewell, from now on I will not throw coins in the wishing well
My prince is dead in my heart, he is never real and I must live on






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