Let Me Love U

Knock! Knock! Who’s there???
Me the girl who left u messages that you didn’t bother to read.  The girl who had always like you even from the beginning.  The silly girl who can write a lot of stuff and who tried so hard of drawing you.  Am I bad girl or am I really that fat in your eyes?  You don’t want to open your door.  You always push me away!!! I don’t want to be a drama queen.  I want to be that girl with the brightest smile and worry nothing at all.

Lord, like so many others I also want to share myself and my life.  No matter how I am, I still feel lonely.  So many things happened in my past that scared me.  Then, when I said that I will fight and grab this chance, I am not seen and make no impact at all.

You think it was easy for me.  I hope we can trade places so that you will know how afraid and tense I was.  Every night you were there in my dreams.  It’s so real, I feel so alive!  But, when I wake up, you indirectly kill me.  I wish to remain in my dream so that your kisses won’t stop and your smile is the sweetest. 

I don’t want to SMS anymore.  My messages surely pissed you.  Sorry if I called, my accent is hard to catch.  I guess, I can’t help being me… generous, thoughtful and want to be a good friend… if you don’t want that I’ll try my best not to be me.  So that, I’ll save your energy from figuring out methods of how to get rid me.

If only you can see the real me, you’ll surely know that I am really a happy person not the indifferent weird one, you’ll find out how adventurous I can be, it will blow up your mind.  If you let me, I will surely love you… a kind of love you don’t expect that exist.


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