Drum Roll to the Luckiest Girl

i want u

Perhaps, everyday you wish that there’s someone I can meet along the way.  I did. But, is he who I want? Anyway, from time to time that guy tries his luck.  Your friend with the slipped of his tongue said ‘you know that he has a girl and he’ll surely be happy if you will be with someone else.’  Congratulations!!! I must have a contagious disease to be pushed away that way.  Thus, I keep quiet all the time.  Even if I wanted to do this and that, I just stop myself all the time stating ‘never mind, nothing matters anyway and not a single deed counts’.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, why you have to lie?  My mirror, you always say I look good but not to him.  I am never pleasing to the eyes and always weight  around 60kg almost closer to obese.  Goodness, his standards are to the roof!!! I am not a star because if I were, I should not be here.

Drum roll to the luckiest girl for she is the freshest and the fairest of them all.  The voice that commands, so the puppy show!  I don’t need sponsorship for all my life I learned the value of labor and my human dignity.  The luckiest girl whose power can travel from a thousand mile.  Am I hideous physically or my character really sucks?  Are those people liars for they just said what are good to my ears?  As your friend stated, ‘if you’re Angelina Jolie, then you can have someone like Brad Pitt.’  Thus, I can’t have anyone…

‘Will you go out with me?’ I asked.  ‘It’s a long weekend, can I fit in your schedule?’ I added with a trembling voice.

‘Shut up! Move away for I am not interested! Why do I need a boring hag like you?  You’re not a match to my princess!’ he didn’t actually said that.  Those were the words of fears in my head.

Yet, I presumed those words he will say.  Thus, I deleted the messages which I composed instead of pressing send.  How many times I wanted to ask via SMS or attempted to make series of calls?  You have no idea, right?  You don’t bother nor care.  Where are you heading?  Next stop, to the luckiest girl, not on your way to me. You want the long journey rather than take a few steps to reach me.

by Spandau Ballet “True”


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