Burning the Midnight Candle

Isn’t it lonesome your absence is so long?  Can I fast forward the time so that I will see you everyday again? Yet, those were the days when I am invisible because you rush picking up her calls. We were talking when suddenly the ringing of your phone always made your day extra delightful.  I got my queue and voluntarily exited the scene.  I wish that I could make you smile that way.  If I could only make you joyful like she could do, I didn’t want to be grumpy but I wanted you closer just like how you were in my dreams.   

Well, this is not about me and my darn feelings.  It doesn’t matter because the most important thing is your welfare.  The challenges of the mind, here comes. You must be prepared burning the midnight candles.  Poor you, my secret darling, you must be experiencing little rest and sleep.  Don’t worry, all this hardwork is worth it!  My prayers are yours and I light the candle for you each day.  I requested an angel to watch on you.  I will always care even if unseen all the time.

I am indeed very cheesy giving you unnecessary stuff.  Yet, hope you find it in your heart that it’s my way of saying ‘cheers and all the best!’   My writings are nothing and not impressive.  I wrote to keep ur minds out from all the pressures and I sweetly to let you know that I am here and your sake is above all.

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