Back to Oldtown

Is it a lonesome day? Is there something missing?   Which absence is aching and what’s with the grieving? Perhaps, there are invisible tears in others’ smiles.  

Welcome back to Oldtown! When was the last time? Was it exclusive or some random acquaintance? Is the white coffee tastier in the past?  I don’t know, I had cold fresh lemon tea for my drink.  Will I drink it again to let the memories flow back?  Is it in Oldtown or somewhere else where the real magic happened? The illusions of the sinners for only Angels have wings to fly.  Oh, is it somewhere the echo of my laughter unable to escape the cave of forgetfulness?  Hmp! The dungeon of foolish hopes!  Despite my 20/20 vision, I chose to be blind.   I am the bravest in my weakest. 

Where am I? Oops! Is this Oldtown again?  A different location and new set of friends.  A very delicious and filling dinner, and a whole lot fresh laughter.  Yet, those were different stares and smiles. It was more than a wave, but a long embrace and smelling heaven’s scent.

I’m in Oldtown again, my friend.  It has been ages since I came back.  Indeed, I can’t bring back death to life.  Yet, I can be reborn and live my life happily. I wipe away the tears and laugh out really really aloud without you.  You’re gone and I am kicking. Each day I am learning not to cry for I am going to be who I am before there was you.

When was the last time you found yourself at Oldtown? If you happened to be there, find my laughter and return it to me.  


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