Somehow You are You and I Am Me

You are you

Engrossed and occupied with daily responsibilities 

I hardly existed, it seemed I am not even there

Then, your phone kept on ringing from time to time

There were calls that ought not to be ignored

The voice that surely delighted your stressful day

Your energy drink, your inspiration and the one of the kind

Should I ask with what I am totally aware of?

Indeed, you are you and I have no rights to demand

You are who you are, and being you moved me 

I am me

Weird, maybe, the appropriate description 

Old school, that’s what I am used to

I tried not to be me, be one with my friends for once

I did and I was not amazed walking in another’s skin

Scrutinized and ridiculed, lessons learned in the hard way

I am only me, keeping my feelings to myself

Ashamed of expressing the music in my heart

Even part of me didn’t want to give up, I must because I care

How can I say that I long for your touch and kisses?

How will I show you that I wanted more what you desired?

I am me, a woman with certain needs yet chained in my cell 

We are we

What we think may not always be right

What we believe may not always be true

What we have may not what we really wanted

We are we, always trying to live accordingly 

Trying to prove something and always going forth

When we know our paths, we’ll tend to get lost at the crossroads 

Somehow you are you and I am me

We can’t change who we are but accept what we are

I maybe disappointed but I won’t hold grudges on you

I may a bit outrage, I won’t yell nor nag endlessly

You know by now, I can’t be angry for so long

Always caring, forgiving, patient and understanding 

You maybe wonder, what the hell is my problem 

You won’t demand answers nor argue nor mind at all

You will always live as it is and still laugh with your friends 

It may not bother you but somehow we are alike

We can only be us for that’s who we are 

Whatever others will say, we are who we are

You are you, the one always special, my impossible 

I am me, I keep quiet and speak here what I can’t say


by Romantics “Talking to Your Sleep”


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