Thorns on the Pink Road

the rose
I behold a field of red roses
Fantasies and illusions collide
We decide the current to our fate

Pixie dusts and cherub choir
Magic, miracles and wishes
Do we only behold what we want?

Love is the gift I can offer
Carefully decorated, gently wrap
Is the recipient unavailable?

So girly! You call my world pink
And so I journey on the pink road
Robbing my smile every time

Just take a deep deep breath
For reality is not in favor of me
If you’re available, here’s my gift!

Don’t dictate other’s feelings
Don’t judge quickly and be certain
You should give sight to your heart

Days of sorrow, a recipe of bravery
Stepping at the thorns on the pink road
Assuring myself, just always be fine…

**because I am clever enough to know. Despite of the disappointments and heartaches, I must be me. I know what’s going on and it’s make me feel like crying all the time. Isn’t it sad how clueless others can be? Or isn’t it sadder that you have a mouth but you can’t just speak for you know what you already know?

by Luther Vandross “I’d Rather”

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