When the Devil Creeps at Night

devil tempting woman
This time, I am whole again
My prayers sent to heaven
Faith and trust to the Almighty
Doubts no more, I believe
Like the little girl I was
Accepting His wisdom within
I let Him fill my emptiness


Yet, the Devil has schemes
Temptations of the flesh
When my eyes are shut
In darkness and helplessness
The scene of the past played
We are sinners, not saints!
Awakening the fury and needs


Perhaps, that’s all I was
He, the Devil makes me recall
The eyes and smiles, my weakness!
The truth that murders my spirit
Yes, the Devil is really right
I agree but I don’t let him be
Return to your throne in hell!


My dear Devil this time you lose
You can’t use those memories
I am glad for my resurrection
There are lies in those pictures
There’s sorrow being with another
The unending fights somewhere
You chose the muse for the show

I maybe deceived but not my Lord
Using my desires to lure me again
No more fears, I cast him away
There are no regrets for what is lost
Letting go not holding on and on
Some things are not just meant to be
I’m happy for I owe it the most to me


No Devil you are absolutely wrong!
Despite the mask, a love in tornado
Cupid’s clumsiness, my lessons learned
Don’t try to take away my hopes
I am BRAVE, always the bravest
What a relief to reclaim my liberty!
The wedding in Cana and miracles!


When the Devil creeps at night
He whispers yesterday’s delight
The valiant one, he truly exists
Dear St Anne, clear the passageway!
Holy Grandmother, I look up to you
You’ll touch the heart of the worthy
Dear St Anne thank you very much!

St Anne


miracles do happen

“Saint Anne’s Dream”


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