Will You Forgive This Girl? Please….


Lately, I had been through a lot and I’m suffering deeply emotionally. All my life, I depended at no one and resolved issues using the powers bestowed upon me. However, I made an error of welcoming the devil that brought havoc in my smooth sailing. The aching loneliness and so much emptiness that I’ve never known, which my will power couldn’t get rid.


All I wanted was to be temporarily out of my hall of misery. You have no idea what it is like to be a daughter, sister and aunt. What can I do, I voluntarily took my father’s throne even he didn’t want to pass it to me. Perhaps, my heart was exhausted of feeling down and a change of routine would be a great help. Thus, it became a big deal not to be counted.

Sorry. I prayed for forgiveness. I am not a hypocrite. I couldn’t bear it. Besides, I am not good of holding grudges and I am can’t be angry for so long.

Forgive me for feeling bad. Should I also apologize too for what I feel is true and my intentions are all pure?


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