A Hot Angel Fell Down


A HOT Angel Fell Down

I despised all men
I belonged to no one!
They were pissed,
And annoyed at me
So??? As if I cared!
I didn’t live to please
I didn’t want to be seen

I am an expert runner
No one trapped me
I knew a magic trick
The disappearing act!
But, my talents perished
For once upon a time
A hot angel fell down

How could I avoid?
His eyes were the sun
Melting my frozen core
I couldn’t utter no—
His lips, I wished to kiss
I wanted to hold him
His hotness on my skin
Burning me down to hell

A hot angel fell down,
Can’t stop loving him!
Oh, angel dear be free!
Don’t fly to heavens yet—
Be with me this time
I love you forevermore!!!
I want to fly with you
No more fantasies
Our glory and triumphs!
Don’t let me think
Just let me love you more…


20121008-230205.jpg My day is complete
You fell down from heaven

by Monica “Angel of Mine”



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