How much I pissed thee!!!

  Blasts thy music, care not with thy hearing!

Let these songs damage thy eardrums

Thy heart in melancholy and deep sorrow

I was already dead before thee perceived

Unintentionally thou became nuisance

Dreadful sounds polluted thy silent wind

Shall thee blame thy loser’s predicaments

An embarrassment to thy clan’s pride!

A worthless core desires the impossible!

Non-existing fool tortured by thy fears

Sunk into the lyrics, so inconsiderate!

Indeed, thy insensitivity has a prize!!!

What a humiliation bundled surprise!

Heavens forgive thee for thy tears inside!

Am I thy foe or a destroyer to one’s solitude?

How much I pissed thee with thy tunes?

Thy wrath ascending to thy spirit

The dragon’s fury not yet unleashed

I must have irritated thee with thy singing 

No angelic choir, a hellbound voice!!!

Indeed, only thee heard the noise

Will ever thee decipher the messages beyond?

Halt the loudness! How much I pissed thee!

Yet, still grateful to thee for the rescue

If not, I shall be deaf five years coming

If thee uncover the truth, tell thy comrade then

Secrets hidden and forever shall be forgotten

Thy heart’s worthy but always overlooked 

Shall thee swim faraway oceans blue

When close ashore, herewith nearby sitting?

Hugs and kisses everyday not shared

Dwelling in illusions, painted only in dreams!!!!

I blame not thee for despising me with his every breath and all his flesh!


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