And Rudest

  There was no response.  No replies were always expected.

“How rude? This man is so rude! Can I scold him for you?” a young girl commented feeling disgusted and her friend agreed.  She unpurposedly read the messages.  It was an official business, the reason I passed her my phone.  I smiled dryly and replied jokingly.  I even playfully encouraged her, “go on, scold him for me and say you’re the rudest!”

“Are you sure?  Mean it and I’ll send him the message!” the young girl eagerly said.  I looked at her with my eyes saying ‘yes’ but I only shook my head.

I can’t change people from who they are for I can only be me.  I don’t deceive others and play as the ‘victim’ to win and gain sympathy.  I never failed to show that I care and you’re very special to me.  If you make fun of my feelings and don’t see my worth, it’s who you are… I will never regret and feel bad with what I truly have inside for I can still see the beauty of the world even in the tiniest blessings. I don’t have to be vocal… I am expert in keeping quiet and hiding.

It’s alright even if the invitation isn’t for real and my excitement is instantly killed.  I doubled check and the avoidance told me so.  Apparently, despite it all,  I am still generous and thoughtful.  I don’t nag and scold.  I only keep my words.  I don’t want to repeat and repeat because one word is enough for a wise man.  You can’t presume other’s response when you never asked.

Although I was upset, beating the Mecha God meant a lot to me.  I was so happy as if I won the lottery.  I sent  messages.  No reponse.  Maybe, already asleep…. Morning came, the messages were read and delivered. And nothing was said.

So rude.  In fact, the rudest.  For some, values are only written on textbooks and posters, and taught in school.  However, I still cherished mine even if others don’t give a damn.


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