To the Heartless

I keep my promise and words because that’s all I am. Beneath the music, I can hear; and with all the gestures, I can read.  I know the pity and the ridicules.  No translations needed for I know what’s going on.  Totally not clueless.  Though unspoken, I can just read between the lines.  I maybe born yesterday and my reading comprehension may not be superb, I get and simply know.  I am not a nitwit!!!  Laugh more…. Stupid may I appear… You don’t know I get it all the time!

Will I despise where I am now?  Should I regret what I let go?   I toil hard, be there for others and oftentimes forget myself.  I care and always know.  I don’t react and always pretend.  I exist where rudeness is everywhere.  I remain who I am, I want to be the fun girl I used to be… Thinking positive and loving life.  

I will never care, just always giving expecting  nothing in return.  Don’t want to ask because I already know the answers.  Trying to be funny??? U get it but still u always want to keep on hurting me…. 

Remember Joseph, Nile, Cornelio, Red, Moon, TK, Cube, Duck, Ring,  Aladdin…. So many names in the past, forgotten heart… Time has passed, you can’t bring back what are lost.  Mirror, mirror on the wall… They were true princes and knights, and they were just the fairest of them all!  Yet, the dreamer left to travel afar only to keep on dreaming in the midst of hopelessness’ shore.  Tears run dry. I am left with nothing but my faith.  I may not see the photo in the phone, I don’t have to see what I already expected. 

I will leave a mark and I am not the one who’ll feel sorry.  I don’t lose for being me.  I only get the prize from Heaven.  I have to be tough and forever strong.  When I’ll see them again, the star shining at the sky and dried leaves only falling on the ground.  Will I can conquer the Dark Mecha God by my own?  I am a noob and my units are not powerful enough… Nonetheless, the game doesn’t end for those who always pursue…. 

Lessons are learned and the clowns will be off the stage.  The show isn’t over, Papa…. Only moving to another chapter, which the challenges are get tougher and people are getting meaner.

Friend? Are you? Who are really pretending? Is it me or you?  Spare me your pity!!! I need no one’s mercy!!! I’m thankful to God for those friends who valued me.  I still pray for the heartless, may God be there for him and let his heart perceives the true beauty skin deep.

4 am today.  There’s always time… what do u know… I get the calls and I know the whispers…

Oops, lost track of the time!!! Late for farewell dinner.   Sorry friends, I am stuck with my loneliness!!! Gotta go… Better late than never!!!

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