Ridicule Us Now…

What goes around comes around…

Your pride and arrogance will be your defeat!

If I happened to be in the family, am I included?  What I have done then when I was there to extend help and totally profit nothing?

My brother’s stupid moves are not my aunt’s, mother’s, brother’s and sister’s faults.  Some of them stayed for loyalty, kindness and word of honor.   How dare you to overlook what they have done??? How heartless are you for putting them down??? Don’t blame Don Juan for Don Pedro’s arrogance and sins.  I am not in favor with what my brother did but it hurts me a lot if me and my family are included with whatever he was accused.  It’s totally bias and illogical because none of us benefited a single cent out of it. He is imperfect but he is not evil!  How about you who are stoning him with your foul words?

Laugh out loud now and I wish to hear you laughing the loudest at the end.  What do you know, your pride maybe extinct tomorrow????


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