One Cute Day

cute day

Today is the first day and the sun is shining brightly up above.  Wait a minute, am I lost?  Or did I fail to accomplish what I ought to do and got the incorrect copy of the schedule? Come on, let my forgetfulness fly away.  Besides, after the revelation in the dream, I told myself…. I don’t care! I will never care… Erase and data delete with a big DUH!!!

As the day began, new obligation awaits.  Where am I? It seems I am in a cinematic scene where something dreamy greets me.  Well, it’s the cutest smile that registers in my head awakening my illusions.   There it goes my short-lived fantasy!  The lead star pops out from the television screen and comes to life! It is not about the heart jumping in different directions but the fun and thrill only in my head.  What’s the big deal? I can’t just ignore that flashing lovely smile… It doesn’t mean a thing but it surely made my day…

Lucky, I am present today.  I will surely never ever fall sick… I don’t want to miss a thing…. So cute to be true!!!!

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