One Beautiful Sin

The first born hungry for his mother’s milk
Night’s cold wind climbing in the chest
The unforgettable scent of ocean’s breeze
In the mouth the heavenly taste of the sea!
The waves so intense, surprisingly rough!
Who cares with how low or high is the tide?
—————————Strolling on the shore, a man and woman
The water of temptations on their feet!
Will they let their emotions drown them?
Resting like satisfied lovers on the sand
When they parted ways, they’re just friends
They are sinners, victims of a twisted fate
She seized one borrowed moment
A dauntless girl who is drunk with love
He gave in to a satisfying adventure
A hard working man who needs a break!
He knows she loves him so much
The true joy she feels and he let her be…
Sometimes there are complex situations
The beauty of life is enduring the pain
There’s no victory for those who quits
A mistake doesn’t make any one evil!
Will you condemn them for their faults?
Even it’s wrong, it is one beautiful sin!

published April 16, 2013


I just love u more…

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by Divo Bayer “Somewhere in My Past”


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