NO Face. NO Name.

The canvas on the easel, the palette, brushes and paints

Everything carefully prepared for the artist is all set

Recalling a facade in a blurry and cloudy dream

Identifying the unfamiliar voice that delighted her soul

Can she sketch the man unknown? A man with NO FACE

Will his eyes be hollow, full of deception and untruthfulness?

Will his mouth speak of the truth with no secrets and lies?

Will his nose similar to the arrogant hawks in the wasteland?

How can she draw a man who dwells in the world in her head?

Why it is so difficult to recall such astonishing and heroic man?

He has no face for she haven’t met her in the lane of hopelessness

The day will unveil, two connected souls will find each other

His face will be revealed and  the artist will  create a masterpiece!

An aspiring and wondering writer alone in her room

Outlining the romantic love story that she doesn’t own

There are times, she playfully fancy as that girl so in love

Yet in the world without her paper and pen, her lover is gone

A beloved young man she wishes to hold perpetually

When her imagination is off, he perishes and no longer exists

In her heart and mind, he’s so real but he has  NO NAME

If you meet the lovely writer, will you tell her what’s your name?

What your name is like? Does it sounds like God or the angels?

Is it a name worshiped by so many women around the globe?

Does it matter what are the alphabets and how you are called?

As long as you are authentic, her love for you is  always divine!

If you meet her around the corner, just proclaim your name

For finally she can spell it out with the constellations at nighttime

Her own story will be in a novel with an inspirational conclusion

At last, she can claim her protagonist and he’ll no longer a stranger

In this galaxy filled with so many unknown and mysteries

A difficult puzzle of one’s heart will soon be completed

The artist will hang on her wall the portrait of her beloved

Tomorrow will come, we’ll read the chapter of the writer’s real tale

Don’t let go of hope for no labyrinth unsolvable by those faithfuls

Looking forward for the artist and writer’s blessings and joys

God answers prayers in the right TIME that He sets for them

All their wishes will come true for it will be the same as mine

The twist of our fates are interconnected and our happiness is ONE!


by Michael Buble “Haven’t Met You Yet”


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