Dried Roses


I bought lovely roses for you, 

A symbol of love and purity

Humming a sweet melody

My dear, I’m here can’t you see?

Hold me and forever I’ll stay!

Not concealing and hiding anymore!

Please give me a chance to let it be

I wanted to dash fast towards you

Embracing you, not letting go

Yet, the sun was not in the mood

Leaving the clouds turning gray

It rained heavily with the truth

Walking away, I heard enough!


I’m fine. What a lie!!! I am not!!!

I have to pretend, I need to survive!

I hide my beautiful roses of love

Unshared, unspoken only written

Will you let it dry and just let it die?

God knows my heart and I care

I don’t know.  I’ll never learn

Can’t you see the sadness in my eyes?

Will you restore my dried roses?

Will you give this dreamer a chance?

Will you let me love you more???



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