Something strange about u…

What will u get when u fall in love? Just all the tears and yucky stuff.  So, I sworn several times never ever fall in love ever and ever again.  I’m definitely and truly wise to get such infection….


Nonetheless, in a land faraway somewhat unusual place and in unpredictable time something strange and unexpected happened.  


Somehow only fools rush in… Yet, there’s magic in the sound of your voice, the way you look and smile.  Thus, I can’t help falling in love with u.  Why I can smile despite it all??? Not because I’m absolutely happy and have it all.  I smile because I made it through and deep within I know that I am always brave and strong no matter what are the consequences. Little that people know what I carry inside and it will be a disbelief for others…. I know that I love and miss u so… I mean what   I said 😘


‘Strange Magic’ ost Strange Magic animated movie


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