She strolls into the pit of darkness with joyous soul

She waltzes in the storm concealing her fears

And she always smiles even she’s dying inside

Loyal and selfless for the ones she cherished

A sacrifice she will never regret but unappreciated 

Always her father’s darling, she loves him forevermore

The kind of girl who sees the beauty in each one

She values her friends but she suddenly disappears

How much she misses all but there’s no looking back

She used to be their clown and cheerleader 

Someone who sticks around through thick and thin

She laughs the loudest but she weeps in silence

Do you think she doesn’t care? She loves you more

You think she doesn’t want you, she desires you very much

She pushes people away because she’s scared

She doesn’t know how to express what she feels

She’s afraid to utter the incorrect words 

She trembles with your stares and melts with your smiles

If given the chance, she’ll be there and love you more

She’ll give in to your desires and be a fool once more

And so your spirits will rejoice, a dance in heaven

You think she doesn’t know, she’s not a child, she’s a woman

Will you look at her eyes and clasps her hands?

Tell her ‘be crazy with me and let’s take this chance!’

Your words are her magic, the power that will bring her back

Yet, she’s there and you never take her out from her dungeon 

Will  you ever comprehend what’s in her thoughts?

 Will you ever know that you’re always in her mind?

What does it take to convince you that you’re in her heart?

I know Genevieve very well, inside and out

How about you my friend, do you know Genevieve too?

Will you uncover the mystery beneath her smile?


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