Counting 14344: Zero


Lifeless and hollow walker

The brain malfunctioned

And the heart is on stand still

You have the right to misjudge me

Do you think it is what I deserve?

There is no harm of disliking me

You’re only the object of  my writings

Inspiring me to fill the empty lines

A gracious and clever young man


I’m a two-face, a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

A romantic writer and a cold fish on foot

In the virtual and literary worlds, I’m in love

Exaggerating emotions by scribbling those words

But mingling among men, I’m really incapable


Someone claimed to know my secret

As mentioned, “not to tell for it will hurt me”

What is hidden will never be revealed

The skeleton in the cupboard can’t cause pain


You were there and quickly changed direction

It’s alright to ignore for we’re both strangers

Forgive my imaginations and bizarre dreams

You’re Ranma and I only fancied to be Akane

Listen to silence and find it beneath your heart

X.O.X.O…. You know that I always love you


You cannot condemn me for feeling this way

You don’t know the true colors of my soul

A wonderful person who remained unattached

Not a hottie but possessed admirable skills


Soon I will run out of words with zero dreams

Allow me to acknowledge your presence

Thank you for giving me reasons to write again

X.O.X.O… You know what I mean and say…

Published on: Sep 2, 2011 @ 1:56


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