Counting 14344: Second Round


The dew in the new morning

Marked the beginning of a freshman

Building a high fence in the world of men

Coated one’s heart with stone and steel

But the shimmering innocence of his eyes

A global warming that thawed North Pole

Yet, it was not enough to destroy the borders

Similar to a displayed golden and expensive ring

Warning: do not touch — for your eyes only!


Nile River

The waters where so many great men traveled

Its abundance provided food throughout time

Cleansing various filthy skins and worn out souls

Making a wish on its portrait for what was foretold

The long  journeys and the story of  meteor shower

Now fading away but still remained in the heart’s wall

Keep on flowing, like  the Nile River our lives must go on!


Joseph the Dreamer

She was your first love and she never gave up

You pushed her away but she kept on coming back

 I admired the strength of her heart and great faith

Such remarkable qualities I never possessed

No one else deserved you more but only her  

What we shared was fantastic and authentic friendship

Perhaps, your brain was working properly

For you remembered the first day when you saw me

The friendly notes and silly talks were ours to keep

I’m glad I never believed it when you sang “Born for You”  

 I always knew you that you were chained to her forever

Thank you so much for being there when I needed a friend

You uttered to me that the man I would love is so lucky

Perhaps, my luck is caught in the jam and yours came earlier



My first dance was spoiled with your presence

Your honesty melted the metallic wall within

Lowering my standards and changing preferences

Just loving the simplicity of life  and embracing youth

Both scared of what would be the outcome

Perhaps, for you I’m always out of your reach

Both tangled and preyed with separate spiders’ webs

I set myself free while you were so weak to escape

I wouldn’t blame her if she was so outraged at me

 Don’t worry, I wouldn’t tell that you came by

And when you walked out my door, it was the end

I thought my wings were wounded when you let go

However, the perpetual bleeding came from yours

God was so wise not to bless our hearts’ desires

For I have a better life now and never shared her miseries

House Bunny

A boy of tragedy

A face idolize by many

False, fake, pretense and lies

A mistake that ruined my dignity

Was there truth in your confession?

You never deserved my kindness

 It was nothing but impulse and cloudiness

Proving that your kind deserved no trust



To please my friends

And to dare myself

I should dropped that call

Be contented staring at the moon

Its radiance captured by the petals

Such lovely flowers underneath

Among them blossoming in the dark

Published on: Aug 24, 2011 @ 15:06

by David Pomeranz “Born for You”


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