Counting 14344 : First Time


Young and bashful chubby little girl

On her storybooks written were fairytales

Was the visiting lad would be her prince charming?

A victim of tragic flood, a stranger on her place

She caught him staring at her on the other side

Yet, he went off with all their unspoken desires

Still she could feel his cold hands touching hers


In the era of Sir Walter Scott, full of beautiful poetry

A gallant knight, rescuing a sleepy damsel in class

The boredom was like a torture, take me out here!

Across the dungeon of my imagination, he was there

Chattering with his comrades on their invisible horses

The earth stopped on rotating and the rest ceased to exist

Conquering the galaxy and listening to the music of our hearts

Was it love at first sight or just another adolescent fantasy?

Even if he was unkind and arrogant still he was in my heart

Believed in the future that he would be my one and only prince

After ten years, I woke up not  inside a castle but in the church

Halt the clock!  He should not avow to another bride–

So much for those classical and romantic stories

Prince Eric

Rivalry was the name of the game

Supporting different set of friends

Worshiping and singing for Christ

Enjoyed silly nonsense of youth

He was my friend and you were not

Hey, I always thought I liked you more!

It was fun and foolish confusion

Swimming in the ocean of youth’s innocence


At the age of twelve, my friend was head over heels

I was so obedient to follow her long route going home

Am I Dorothy following the road to Emerald City?

As to my disappointment, I am in Tin man’s place

It was so heartless of him, not to notice my friend

Perhaps, he was only made of metals and had no muscles

Time passed by, would I tell my friend the secret?

Our lives were entwined with that youthful glow

There were times, he passed by my place on his bike

And he once grabbed my hand when I almost fainted


Some cartoons were short-lived

Gone on air after few episodes

Similar to the excitement in the court

The heartthrob of the game  had the ball

The yelling of the crowd was defeaning

But my heartbeat was louder than theirs

A temporary desire ended with the holidays


Summer friends from different worlds

The city girl and the boy in the province

What did he know with the books I read?

He never watched the TV shows I enjoyed

Likewise, he was so charming to ignore

Although, he stammered with his speech

He was one street rat that I wouldn’t forget

Once upon a time, we rode the magic carpet

Genie granted my wish for he was my first dance

Only to realize that I just wanted to be his friend

Published on: Aug 23, 2011 @ 14:36

by Westlife “Uptown Girl”

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