Counting 14344: Final Countdown

Song of the Waves

Grant me the moment of tranquility

Just let me paint the ocean invisibly

Hey, were you once the cute puppy?

Girls— well, yours were so many

Mermaids were singing, shoo away!

Cutoff your music, I wouldn’t listen!

Dedicate your lovely tunes to her

Finally, I’m free to hear the waves

Its lyrics filled with qualms and anguish

No one would be waiting with a guitar

Drowned in the deep sea of memories

The waves couldn’t cast me the blame

If I put my family at the top of my playlist

A good daughter would be no one’s lover


On the Road

Roaring sound was the signal

There he was on his motorbike

Beyond the glass wall wondering,

How glistening were those eyes!

Was it a gesture of my disgrace?

Or just another act of madness?

Look at me feeling the wind

Overcoming my phobia of rides

Unforgettable great  movies

Hours of nitwitted conversation

A speedy and free ride going back

Yet, a flower that never bloomed

Why did the angels took Papa away?

He was probably sympathetic

Yet, all of a sudden I was gone

The flower only died on my palm

My heart buried in my father’s grave


Wasted Island

A catastrophic automobile accident almost took my breath

At a split of second, my head was spinning and my spirit gone

Drifted into a fantastic world where I found someone there

 Fluttering his arms and legs in the clear water with the fishes

I wanted to dive in, yet my brother’s voice brought me back

It was your image that was my weapon in my battle with death

Not a premonition or unexpected for we were good buddies

Only another desperado could desire such imperious fool

Yet, too much closeness weakened the muscle in my chest

In between drinks, I was brave enough to reveal the truth

It was the response that built the towering fence between us

You tried to move miles away but you had your own regrets

You found me again but I’m not the same, and when you asked

My response was a joke “don’t want to be in the fans’ club”

We parted with chuckles and I realized that it was not you

Sorry my friend, the beautiful isle belonged to someone else


Ancient Temple

I am not cheap and no whore

My father raised me well

I looked simple and naive

Not one of your victims

I saw the disgust of your face

Why you couldn’t appreciate

Historical places and its story

“Spirit of Her Majesty! O, Empress!

Forgive me for taking the risk

Let that pervert keep his gold

I will never give him pleasure!”

I don’t have to be a beauty queen

To value and treasure myself

I needed no man to labor for me


Undefined Eden

Eyes couldn’t pumped out waters

The tired dam inside all dried up

A daughter engulfed in gloominess

Meaningless and an ill-fated quest

Was it a father’s never-ending love

The key to open the Gate of Eden?

Indescribable feeling of contentment

The white clothes and fluffy cottons

The old playground and sweet candies

The Book of Destiny lying at the center

Never dared to touch in order to find out

A father’s assurance that the name existed

The tiny spark I possessed to trust my heart

There were unusual clues that led to you

Long gone high school drama and rudeness

I found you in the room but I was forgotten

Yet, I remembered to live and achieve more


The Great Gambler

I couldn’t read their poker faces

The rules were set from the very start

It was not the type of game invented for me

Yet, the challenge was new and so tempting

Tossing the coins and the dice on board

Taking the chances to find true happiness

The walkway we took was not carpeted

We shared the laughter under the moon

A friendship broken by the Temptress

The bright city lights were hypnotizing

Couldn’t you tell her ally was a bitch?

Both selfish and undeserving mothers

In spite of the pains and all the lies

Preparing for the suffering of a saint

My heart exploded as I slammed your door

Perhaps, you hated me for leaving you

I selected my career over some gambling

If you submerged into the depth of losing

Remember that I am your winning card

But you never bet on, only yours to keep


Little Red Carriage

A sacred place and his holiness

Dignified and respectable folks

Breathtaking architectural designs

Offspring of wealthy and powerful

I was the pride and envy of old pals

But, my glory had its own price

Struggling in the jungle of beasts

Determined and jolly adventurer

Misjudged of being unworthy

The silent wizard kicked me out

The pretentious witch so delighted

Thanks to that holy-bloody signature!

Pretending to remain cheerful

Inside a friend’s little red carriage

Your food couldn’t mend my soul

The clubs only housed my mask

The little red carriage was crowded

So, you swallowed her poison

All my illusions were out-of-date

My previous battles fogged your presence

I’m numbed, so you couldn’t hurt me

They managed to frozen my whole being

 Learning a valuable lesson “trust no one”

Published on: Sep 1, 2011 @ 16:46

by Hugh Grant and Haley Bennet “Way Back into Love” (ost ‘Music & Lyrics)


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