My heels are not high enough

U will never get it, I don’t expect that u will.  I’m always invisible and unseen.  U never looked down, always looking up.  I quitted the game, uninstalled… I’ll never reach that level, I am definitely nothing and worthless.  How depressing… How sad!!! The secret is mine to keep.  Only for the joke, someone temporary.  Will u ever see my worth and the real woman in me?

I am home with upset stomach.  I asked my sister and my friend the silliest question in the world, ‘am I happy?’ Both of them said, ‘yes’.  Actually, they nodded in confusion.  Yes? Am I?

I am all about the heels and looking good because I am hiding so much pain inside.  Always the friend… Only the friend.

I have no rights to complain.  I am ok.  It’s almost Father’s Day.  Thank you Papa for loving me despite my indifference and weaknesses.  I told you, ‘you’re the man I will love forevermore’.  Perhaps, I can’t love anyone freely same as I loved you.  Perhaps, I’m selfish and stuck in my so called ‘pathetic’ world.  What do they know?  None of them knew anything.  I love you, Papa. I have so much love to give and share. It’s difficult to get out from my mother’s curse.  Why frown? I have your love in my heart, I won’t ask from anyone who’s unwilling to share and won’t possibly want me anyway.   Thanks for seeing my best and allowing me to take care and love you. I won’t wish for more. I guess, what I had in the past is good enough for me.  I will never love at all for my heels are not high enough.

Papa, you encouraged me to wear high heels.  You said I looked fabulous walking on them.  Too bad, my heels are not high enough.  Nobody cares and no one even noticed.


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