For you looked away, all the time….

What do you know? I am staring at you while you looked away so occupied with your girl, game, friends, and tasks.  When you smiled and laughed, in my silence I am hoping that I could do the same to you.  I never failed showering you with praises still you didn’t notice me.  Totally ignored.  I tried to be a friend.  Couldn’t there be more?  I’m a woman, you should have known.  I could possibly love you more.  Of course, you erased that possibility and made everything impossible.

Still I am grateful with the friendship and went with the jokes despite of the body shaming… I continued with the game even its language seemed all new to me.  I kept on watching the show even it was dragging and nothing much to see.  I still chitchat even if you didn’t want to talk anymore.

Yeah, you wanted to fish on distant shores to fill your illusion.  Perhaps, I am always parallel to you looking from afar.  And you my friend was lost in your fantasies and never bothered to care of my existence.  For you looked away, all the time you failed to see what my eyes were telling you.  For you looked away, I am unable to touch your heart.

So, I guess, you were right.  I needed to meet others too.  You said it would be my greatest mistake not to give others a chance, maybe this time I will. Probably I will because I listened to you after all.  Anyway you never got the message that I cared and very concerned about you.  Never mind, as you said there are so many fishes on the sea.  So, I go fishing now!


by David Pomeranz “If You Walked Away”


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