The Confession

30th May, remember the day

Pour out the innocence

Sweet little darlings, no fear

God listens not scolds

He has forgiven you always

Confess to Him for He tells no one

You can always trust the Almighty


It was raining this morning when I left my place.  Two free rides courtesy of the rain from a stranger and my brother’s friend.  Someone mistaken me for another person and gave me a lift to my mother’s place.  Then, on my way to the church with my nieces, my brother’s friend offered to take the cab with him and drop me by nearby the church.  Well, I appreciated the kindness received today.

As for the catechism session, I helped out on preparing the kids for their upcoming reconciliation.  Some of them as well as my nieces were a bit tense to do their first confession.  Indeed, I am truly honored and happy to be a part of their journey to be closer to Jesus and the Holy Father.

In the afternoon, I accompanied my mama to the salon.  She insisted that I tag along for she wanted me to tell the stylist the hairstyle and color which suited her the best.  When we were there, my mama told me that the stylist said I look good.  He even asked me if I were attached.  Well, today I am asked twice about the subject matter.

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