At the corner, my teddy bear


No one’s home in the darkness of my heart
Will I rejoice if I’ll hear your voice again?
How can you feast when I am dying here?
Do you know how to feed the hungry and lonely!
Out of tears, what’s left for me to let out?
This is home: an empty bed and silence
No messages in my phone, no more calls
The old song is played continuously
Nobody listens and nobody hears at all
Breaking down beside my packed stuff
Side by side with my lonesome teddy bear
Poor little thing, abandoned at the corner!
My dear are you forgotten and unseen too?
Are you so old to be noticed and loved?
Kindness and truthfulness overlooked
My cute teddy bear, I don’t know how to feel
Will I ever learn to forget and love again?
Will I ever have a place in someone’s heart?
At the corner, my teddy bear as helpless
I clasped it on my chest, ‘I NEED A HUG!’
I need someone to hold me tightly tonight….


*so many things happened lately….


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