Are you valiant, my friend?

love quote

You may wonder, how and why… You want answers.  There are no answers.  You get frustrated and tired of waiting for nothing.  Then, it just hits you ‘hey, there’s nothing wrong with being me’. Of course, I am perfectly fine.   I absolutely don’t care if being good is overrated. If I am not seen for who I am, it doesn’t matter as long as I strive to do what is right and prevent another error in my life.

He said, ‘only the valiant gets the prize.  Good fruits don’t just fall from the tree, don’t they?’  Yeah, but you’re being real, you only want the easy catch or you’re such a coward.  Well, the dance of life isn’t always with a song of sweet melody.  Even God plays the saddest track, I just keep on moving my feet and go on dancing even if I am crying and my heart is badly damaged.  Always left on the dance floor, waltzing all by myself.

As of now, I am grateful for the innocent praises I received.  No need to question whether it is authentic or not.  Just totally happy that somehow I am seen and accepted.  Childish fruits blossom from the hearts of the youth, soon fade with time for I am only part of something temporary.  Well, young ones are very bold and daring.  Hoping when this time will pass, they will remain courageous and they won’t stop believing.  I wish those boys won’t turn out to be a man like you, my friend.

Are you valiant, my friend? I wonder. Perhaps,  a man like you have a lot to learn from those boys.  Maybe, there’s so much you need to know.

to whom it may concern


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