You Found Me, Shame on Me!

walkaway quote

Because it was a long time ago and I don’t dwell on it anymore.   It’s not all about the mistakes that can’t be erased.  I survived and made it through… Perhaps, I let it be to release my wild side, the evil in me.   Nonetheless, I wasn’t happy of becoming someone I am not.  I thought it was alright.  What a shame!!! Well, so many lessons learned.  I am still whole no matter how broken I was then…  No one will surely understand how awful it felt.  No need for retelling the story.  Once upon a time, you found me… shame on me for letting it be!  When we’ll meet again, I can look straight into your eyes and say… “Thank you for letting me be…”  I won’t feel the same again but thanks for giving me back my liberty.

shame on me

by Taylor Swift “I Knew You were Trouble”


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