The Distant Prince

The minute she walked in, she caught his eyes.  She had the most charming smile in the surface because buried are her loneliness and sorrows.  She wanted to live her life but not knowing how.   So, she shut her door to the world because she refused to feel anymore.  However, does anyone know that she’s like other women too? She feels… she needs… she wants…  Yet, her fears dominating all.

He was looking while she drifted in her world.  His presumptions were incorrect about her.  He had no idea that her head are filled not only with ambitions but with fantasies and adventures beyond his imagination.

Little by little she adapted into the kingdom of shadows.  She’s awakened by the most spectacular dream.  She ran into her window and saw him smiling at her.  She moved down the staircase to embrace him but he was moving away in his carriage.  When she called his name but someone was there beside him.

She went up and prepared her most appealing wardrobe for tomorrow is a new beginning.  She turned off the lights and composed this….


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