NO more tears, my friend. It’s over. It’s gone. Borrowed or stolen? What is done is done…. Everything happened for a reason. Don’t cry anymore.

It was in the middle of the night, the laughter echoed into the hills reaching all the way to the moon. The honesty and deceptions collided, unguarded heart meant to be shattered. Was it really required to wear masks in the ball? Waltzing in the shadows, would it be the last dance??? Who was then the greatest liar? The fight and the risks…. What a foolish game!!!

Indeed, underneath one’s embraced, the coward found strength to be involved in a shameless war. God was unheard and the rules disobeyed. Was there a kind of happiness that hurt so much at the end? A laughter under the rain because once upon a time there was someone in that story. Not a prince charming but someone who showed how beautiful it was to explore dreams. No matter how blinded and lost, decisions were made. And the conclusion though heartbreaking was just the right move.

My friend, you have moved forward. No need to look back. Just let your questions be unanswered for now because life is a bundle of surprises. My friend, you leave and so you left…. Nothing is lost only remembered.

Does it feel anything when you look at the portrait? Will it be your last??? Are all glasses broken? My friend, the sun never fails to rise despite the heavy rain. The new morning promises hopes and healing. There’s nothing wrong with you. Go on, you can cry my friend. Let the tears out until you can’t cry anymore.

It’s alright, my friend.

by Lea Michele, Glee version “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now”


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