Exhausted, Feeble and Old Me


Hello there,
You know that feeling… will you understand how does it feel? Were the doctor’s diagnosis scary? Did I cause disaster in the prayer space? It didn’t turn out well as how I perceived it. I am such a total failure. Was the kid trying to tell me that he didn’t want me and I am not suited to be there? Having the heart to be there and be committed with the path taken meant nothing at all. I didn’t have the attitude and character to fulfill my duties effectively.

I failed in the classroom. I was not feeling well.. Hmp, lame excuse!!! Was it wise to leave the old place which used to give me recognition and welcomed me with warmth? This is not my cup of tea… Nothing is my cup of tea… I am always not good enough…

Does an old tire will have any use to a vehicle? Bin it!!! It belongs to the junk shop…

I am alright!!! I am not… Hey there, will you know the war I am facing? I can’t handle it all by myself…. Lord, the weight on my shoulder is heavier each day….


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