And Suddenly She was Gone

Not long ago she was there and with my chatters, giggles and jokes… I never failed to make her smile and laugh…

I am one nosy girl, very inquisitive and never out of queries. She just patiently smiled with amusement in her eyes.


She always made me feel as part of the family, I was never an outsider to her.

She was never angry at me and she was always grateful to all my presents.

She taught me how to get mud clams.  I didn’t get any but we had great memories.

It was not long ago when she slept next to me after my father died.

She was always there and suddenly she was gone…

Rest in peace, grandma, Lola Saring… You always have a place in my heart.  Thank you for the stories, teachings and your care and love.  I will always treasure the memories I shared with you.





God has risen!!!! This morning, we helped the L3 kids in making a Paschal candle.  I made one for myself too!



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