Love… is Beautiful


When I was searching for my colleague’s drawer to put the list that she lent to me, it surprised me that I had a drawer too. Nonetheless, its label caught my attention because my family name was misspelled. Then, as I went closer to my drawer, I was confused to see a box inside (some sort of giveaway). I told the in-charge at the office that someone might put it wrongly or it was intended for the girl whom I replaced. There was nothing mysterious with it. I clarified if maybe it was for a birthday present or their tradition of warmth welcome. Possibly there is a newlywed around…. Of course, it was not from my boss!!!! Whoever put the cute magnetic message in my drawer, accidental or not…. thank you very much for the thoughtfulness. I don’t know why they’re not telling…. Gosh, everyone is just too occupied to talk!!!
And the message is just right…. What a coincidence for I always scribble that “life is beautiful”… I never thought that “love is beautiful too”. Not so long ago, I considered it as complicated, devious and tricky. Perhaps, you’re giving me a sign to perceive love in a positive perspective again. Thanks for the reminder.


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