100 reasons to cry, but 1 million reasons to smile

I have 100 reasons to cry

…. if I keep on looking back with the errors in the past

…. if I keep on recalling those people whom disappointed me

…. if I keep on counting my failures

…. if I keep on missing my comfort zone

…. if I keep on looking at negative sides of others

…. if I keep on longing for summer during rainy days

…. if I keep on dwelling only in the world’s imperfections

…. if I keep on hating everything I do

…. if I keep on seeing my weaknesses not my strengths

…. if I keep on shutting in my self-made dungeon

…. if I keep on refusing to grow up and fly fearlessly

There are so many reasons to be in the dark and suffer in despair for what our dreams may come is how we live our life and adapt on what is given to us….


falling petals_jazlyn

But, despite it all…

I have 1 million reasons to smile

… because God resides in my heart and to Him I trust

… because I appreciate and grateful to all my blessings

…. because I am willing to serve others and share my skills to them

…. because no matter how difficult I still want to bring joy to many

…. because in my little ways there were few whom I made a difference

…. because I always try to see the goodness in others despite their oddness

…. because I am strong and independent, always a lover of life!

…. because I accept challenges and don’t complain

…. because I know how to cry when the journey gets rough

…. because I am also weak that must be tough when thunder strikes

…. because I embrace my flaws and love myself

…. because I know how to move on and let go

…. because my heart is filled with contentment and solitude

…. because I don’t ask for more, I only love more and more

…. because I know there’re nothing wrong with WHO I AM…

…. because I am happy for in every creations is a facade of true joy

…. because I share my smile to acquaintances, friends and strangers

…. because I laugh at the humor of unfavorable and worst situations

…. because I don’t stop learning and improving my skills

…. because I always see to it that I’m lively and healthy daily

…. because I enjoy singing even if I can’t sing

…. because I dance crazy and it’s no big deal if I am not graceful

…. because I get angry, not so quickly but slowly

…. because I am a dreamer, a believer and not a quitter!

sto nino candles

Find your reasons… it’s your choice to weep or find happiness as you pursuit for an essential existence.  The outcome of your life is what you decide…


clouds and silhouette
photos by gen…

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