Into the Jungle… ‘Do You Think My Job is Easy?’

“but with the beast inside, there’s nowhere we can hide… this is my kingdom come”
IMG_8532 IMG_8533

Every 5 am, I am always full of energy and can’t wait to start the day.  Then, I oftentimes greet God, all the angels and saints and myself as well with a grin from ear to ear for a lovely miraculous morning daily.  Even if I’m wearing simple and inexpensive clothing, I still see to it that I look good and confident to dance with the waves of uncertainties. I never get tired of sharing my smile to anyone. Yet, the reality of the matter, I dwell not in a fancy fantasy world. Not on bed of roses and fragrance of scented candles.

Where am I? What am I doing here?

When I stood in front of everyone, I looked at those innocent eyes tarnished with the demons of the modern world. Perhaps, not all kids are angels and some maybe beast-like but they’re not evil. No matter how unruly they are, deep within I know that their gentle souls needed to be tamed… Perhaps, some of them are scarred or battling with the troubles of their youth.

I am in the jungle where all sorts of dangers are waiting. Will I quiver and dash home? Will I choose the monastery over this? Despite it all, I know that the system is on my side and I am not alone standing on the ground.

I don’t expect to be liked or praised. It’s alright to be despised by many because I know that I can do well wherever I am. I will never hate or harm any of them because they’re the components that complete the essence of my existence.

Do you think my job is easy? If you’re walking on my stilettos, you won’t last a day and complain to everyone how stressful are the deadlines and struggles. On the other hand, I take it easy because I needed to survive. After all, I love my life no matter how things turned out… My life is always beautiful!!!

Into the jungle, I demand obedience and respect. I can show them that whatever is the color of my skin or how awful I sound, I am still the authority. Into the jungle, I strive to fulfill my duties to correct my imperfection… This is where I grow professionally and never get tired of dreaming big.

I may not mark a lot of difference in their lives. Some of them may forget my name. However, one moment of their existence, I was there giving out the bread I could share for each one of them is always unique and special. You can dislike the jungle that I love, but you can’t disapprove the challenging adventures that is keeping me alive in here.

‘Demons’ by Imagine Dragons

‘Demons’ by Ben Haenow’s version

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