Let’s Celebrate at LechonSG

My older brother’s love for roasted pork is brought from Cebu all the way to Singapore. Thus, together with two of his friends, they opened a food stall which serves roasted pork and chicken and a lot more with splendid Filipino taste. This food stall is named as ‘LechonSG’, located at Rocher Centre in Bugis, Clementi and Lau Fa Sat.

Well, I assure you that the food there is absolutely very tasty!!! You must try!!! BBQ pig in Filipino dialect known as lechon baboy, which is the pride of LechonSG and with its meal set the price is just right.  In addition, its barbecue sauce will surely keep your saliva dripping plus free side dish locally known as ‘atsara’ (papaya relish).

Satisfy your palate with affordable and absolutely tasty Filipino viands in LechonSG.   Well, it guarantees you maximum stomach satisfaction!  Come and celebrate at LechonSG…. Eat your hearts out for you’ll surely come back for more!!! Let’s celebrate all year round at LechonSG….  Come and drop by for you’re welcome everyday!!!
Bugis location: Blk 1 Rochor Center Kopitiam (Near Bugis MRT Exit A)

Clementi location: Blk 450 Clementi Ave 3 Clementi, Singapore 12 (Near Clementi MRT)





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